Friday, February 10, 2012

Jacaranda mimosifolia Seedlings

Although my Jacaranda seedlings seem to be doing well, I'm a little worried.  Some of the leaflets seem to be dropping for no apparent reason.  The weird thing is they're in the middle.  Not the old leaves, not the newest leaves, but the middle ones.  There aren't any insects, the leaves have no discolouration and they aren't dried out.  The leaflets are just dropping for no apparent reason.

This leaf drop seems to have stopped but I have no idea what was causing it?  Does anyone have experience with Jacaranda leaf drop?  Maybe I underwatered it for a bit?  Very strange and any help you can provide would be much appreciated.  This plant has gorgeous leaves and when one drops I die a little inside. :)


  1. I actually had this same problem when I was growing J. mimosifolia from seed. If I remember correctly I think they got too dry (but it's been a while so I could be off my rocker).

  2. I think you may be right. I read somewhere that Jacarandas are sensitive to overwatering. I've been trying not to keep them too moist but the pots are deep and might be drying out in the bottom. I'll try watering more and do so from the bottom of the pot instead of the top.

  3. Mature jacarandas regularly exhibit missing leaflets; this is sometimes used as an identification characteristic for students. Perhaps that's what you're seeing. I'm not aware of seedlings demonstrating this habit, but I don't see any reason why they wouldn't.


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