Saturday, June 12, 2010

Vancouver Desert Plant Society Show & Sale at VanDussen

Today was quite the day!  I met up with my uncle at the Vancouver Desert Plant Society Show & Sale at VanDussen Gardens.  I saw a tonne of really interesting plants and ended up touring the Gardens as well.  I also got pictures of some other community gardens along an abandoned track in the Kitsilano area.

Finally I spent three hours at Cottonwood Community gardens helping with raised beds.  A portion of the gardens has been designed with wheel chair access in mind.  The beds are elevated to the proper height, there is room to turn around and a small rock layer will be placed so the wheels don't sink down.

The plant show was awesome and I ended up with a plant that my uncle purchased for me.  I'm quite excited.  The gardens at VanDussen were gorgeous and really worth a look.  All my veggies but my tomatoes have also started sprouting!  I can already taste them.

My day is best summed up with pictures.  Please check the album link at the end of these few to see them all.  There are some really interesting succulents!

To See the Rest of My Amazing Pictures Click Here!
Here are some other people's photos of VanDussen and the Desert Plant Show:
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  1. I wish I had gone to the show. They have the best succulents ever!

  2. So glad you went! Amazing show isn't it?! I went last year but didn't get there today. But I suppose I can still go tomorrow. Hmmm. I ended up buying a bunch of plants there last year, but eventually gave up on them as I'm not really into house plants - my seed-starting grow-op not included.

    Here are the photos I took last year:

  3. @Kristin, it's still running tomorrow so you should drop by.

    @Stevie, it really is interesting. I should have been there with my Adenium arabicum. I didn't see any... I might add some more links.

  4. It's such a great garden o spend some time in. I did a post from there the other day. Wasn't able to make it down for the show this weekend though. Maybe next year :)

  5. @Laura, happy belated birthday! I added a link to your post to people can see more photos.

  6. Thanks for the link, Andrew.

    PS I'm trying to answer your tweet right now but "twitter is over capacity". again.

  7. RE your Adenium arabicum - why not join the club?

  8. Maybe I will. I'm scared of getting too caught up in other things to continue my job search... I hate those over capacity messages! So frustrating.

  9. Look at all those plants! I had a couple of the hardy lewisia in the garden. They died anyway... I'm guessing from the freeze/thaw cycle. Won't be long and you won't know what freeze/thaw is :-)


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