Thursday, June 17, 2010

Cold Hardy Palm Seeds Arrive! Jubaea chilensis, Chamaerops humilis 'Cerifera', Trachycarpus wagnerianus

My final batch of seeds arrived this morning!  I purchased them from Jungle Seeds.  It decided to buy a second pack of Jubaea chilensis in the hopes that if one batch doesn't work out, the other will.  I also grabbed some Trachycarpus wagnerianus and Chamaerops humilis var. Cerifera.  Apparently a leaflet with special instructions was suppose to be included for the Jubaea.  I looked for about 10 minuets but it's definitely not there.  I thought maybe it slept out to I checked the floor.  Still nothing.  Fortunately I know the 'special' method used to sprout them.

I've also been introduced to a possible job and the University of British Colombia Botanical Gardens as a shop manager.  It sounds like a great position and I think I'm very well qualified.  The only negative is that I'll have to drive right across the city each day.  Fortunately, we were planning on moving the end of the summer anyway so we could just relocate closer.

Stevie from Garden Therapy also forwarded my resume to two companies which I really appreciate.  Thanks!

In the Community Garden, the seedlings are growing well.  Everything has sprouted.  I noticed a few dog treads crushing some of my spinach which pissed me off a little.  But then I took a few deep breathes and... everything was fine!  Now there was a rage blackout somewhere in there but I have no idea what happened or if anyone/thing was harmed.

I've also been asked to border a large plot with stones.  There aren't very many left in the area and Stevie pointed me to some large concrete chunks.  They actually look quite good and offer a home for what otherwise would be garbage.  They're a bit sharp though so if anyone comes to Cottonwood, make sure to wear shoes.

I would love to make a willow structure at Cottonwood.  Does anyone have any thoughts or recommendations?  Maybe where we could grab some willow twigs?

I was too lazy to type out the germination info so I just took pictures.  In 5 - 10 years I'll have a jungle!


  1. You will have a jungle soon I bet :) Good luck with the job at UBC! What a great place to work. Well minus the commute. As you said though, that could change.

  2. Right! Craigslist is a great place to find free rocks through the summer. Especially as construction season kicks into full swing!

  3. Sure hope that job works out for you!!! Something you will probably LOVE too, which is so important!!!

    Please show pics of your willow structure, when you do it. They sure are lucky to have you out there!

  4. Best of luck! The job sounds fantastic.

  5. @Laura, I think I might go in and actually deliver my resume in person on top of applying online. I need every edge I can get. I never thought of checking craigslist.

    @Julie, me too! The will structure isn't for sure yet but I think it would be really great to do!

    @College Gardener, I sure hope I get it!

  6. Did that say germination in 1-3 months? Twelve weeks could go by before you even see a thing poke through the soil? That takes patience.

  7. That would be correct! I'm relatively patient but that is a long time. I planted some Pygmy Date Palms seeds about a month ago and still nothing. I'll admit I've dug a up few seeds to check. ;)

  8. I know with the Chilean Wine Palm it can take up to a year before it sprouts. I had one come out in about 3-6 months. My next group sprouted in approximately 5-6 months. My pigmy palms did not take as lon came up in a moderate time. I also have grown the Queen Palm, which is relatively easy to grow and with much love it grows at a moderate pace. My Texas Fan Palms grew quite slow. They still do not have a trunk and it has been probably been 6 years. I grow many other types of tropical plants and some grow fast and in between. It is all rewarding to me. My next project is a tree that even the scientist cant get to grow hardly. I will let you know when I get it. If I remember this page.

  9. @Anonymous, that project sounds interesting! My Jubaea never ended up sprouting by my Trachycarpus and Chamaerops did. I moved back to Ontario but I can just keep tropicals outside in the summer here and bring them in or greenhouse them for the winter.


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