Friday, February 5, 2010

Tomatoes & Lantana

Just a quick update.  Some of the Lantana that I started from seed in the fall/beginning of winter have already started to flower!  They took a long time to germinate but have been growing for about two months (kind of slow).  It's really nice to have a tiny plant flower in the middle of winter and I'm delighted that I get to see it every time I check my seeds and seedlings.

Update:  My tomato seedlings have leaf borers!  Leaf borers!  They have two seed leaves and they have leaf borers!  The gardening gods have an odd sense of humour.

 I've also sown some Tiny Tim Tomatoes.  Within a month and a half we should have our first fruit (we'll probably have to pollinate by hand though).  But for now they're just tiny, adorable little seedlings!  I'll probably plant a few more things this weekend, but won't be starting too much until my week off (15th to 20th, Yeah!).  No signs of life from the Ficus auriculata or Brugmansia yet.


  1. Leaf borers? Really?? Damn.

    Hand pollinate with your beard trimmer! I have a video on using mine here. It's so fun watching the pollen fly off! (You can see it best in the third one.)

  2. A beard trimmer eh? Yeah those borers are really starting to piss me off. They started on the Adenium arabicum, and have moved to my clivia seedlings and the tomatoes. ARGH. I just jet everything with a water bottles several times a day (and squish anything I see by hand). It seems to keep them in check.

  3. I had some problems with borers on my outdoor plants, but never inside. I just removed the leaves--they were vigorous plants, anyway, so they didn't seem to mind. I guess I have been lucky inside. Right now, all I'm dealing with are the ever-present fungus gnats and spider mites. No leafhoppers (until spring, at least), no aphids, no scale or any obvious bacterial/viral infections... ::crosses fingers::

  4. Oh, that sucks! I'm doing battle with scale tonight. It amazes me that we're in the dead of winter and still these pests are an issue.
    Good luck with your tomatoes. Talk about a super early crop.

  5. So the borers aren't on the new tomato leaves so yeahhhh (hopefully)! It really is amazing that these pests would pop up now. Maybe I should get a parsley or marigold and put it under the light.


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