Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Adenium arabicum Update VI (175 Days)

Here's the latest from the Adenium.  There is still a huge variation in size.  Some are short and stout, others are taller.  I've even noticed some have very small leaves so there must be a few different varieties in this seed batch.

I haven't lost any plants since the initial culling and even the smallest one has finally started putting out some new leaves.  The tallest ones in the back are about 20cm tall (8").  I love this plant.  The biggest ones will outgrow the light very soon.  It's generally not good to get the leaves wet but I think it's warm and dry enough that they'll be fine.  It's also my best defense against those pesky mites!  Grrrhhhhh..... mites........


  1. They really are very interesting plants.

  2. Hi Aerelonian,

    Got your message about the leaf loss and I think it is normal. Older leaves on the bottom are bound to fall off and die as they are shaded by newer leafs at the top.

    As to the insects I say to go ahead and treat them, they're probably a sign that the conditions are a little too wet, if the picture is any indication.

  3. It is a bit wetter than I'd like it to be. I've been misting several times a day and may just drop it down to once (the picture is right after a good spray).

    Thanks for the rapid response, and I'm just glad that the leaf loss is normal.


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