Thursday, February 11, 2010

Pinus densiflora and Clivia Seedlings

Just a quick update.  Here are the Japanese Red Pine (Pinus densiflora).


And one of my two Clivia seedlings.  The soil is really awful and I should repot it because it is growing really slowly.  The albino one I had put out three tiny leaves and is pretty much dead now.


  1. The pine's are so cool looking. I have grown two clivia's in the past although not from seed. They both unfortunately had to go due to mealy bugs, they are impossible to get ride of in all those crevasse.

    How much growing space do you have?

  2. They are really interesting eh? They're like these fun little puffs on sticks. They seem to be growing kind off slowly though.

    I hate pesky insects. No mealy bugs but this is leaf miner damage to the clivia seedlings. They seem to be in check though for all the plants.

    I have 3 window sills and about 6x3sqft under artificial light. I need more. Much more. Plus the stuff I put in the greenhouse (Golden Chain trees, Baobab, Musa basjoo, Lantana). Basically, not enough.

  3. I just read a post by a New zealand blogger, she said the variegated trait is passed only by the "female" of the cross, and the all white variegation is deadly to the seedling. She said if you purchase variegated seeds, you should buy the whole berry cluster, because if the white or yellow stripe on the pod goes through the seed,(on the outside of the berry) it is always albino, and won't grow beyond the initial sprouting...interesting!I didn't bookmark the page, sorry!

  4. Can you believe what AmericanIrish went through?!!!

  5. That follower thing? Hooey! I have a few followers that I know don't read my blog anymore. And I read blogs that I'm not a follower. I have some Carolina Long Leaf pine seeds that I got from a pine cone in Fayetteville, NC that I'm gonna try to grow. I'm not a gardener ( not in that sense) but I enjoy my house plants and veggie garden in the spring. See ya around.

  6. That Clivia information is very interesting. I never would have thought that just because it is in the albino portion it would be white. I was really hoping it would grow. It was up to three tiny leaves but I think it was just exhausting the energy in the seed.

    Thanks for dropping by Chicken Boys. We want to keep chickens so I'm exited to take a look through your blog!


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