Saturday, February 13, 2010

Moringa stenopetala

I received a pleasant surprise yesterday in the mail.  Emily from noticed that my Moringa stenopetala were attacked by insects and that the few that made it froze and sent me some new seeds!  I really appreciate it!  I'll probably wait until late spring to start them because of my limited space.  Yeah free replacement seeds even though the original germination rate was over 90% and a pen!  Yeah!


  1. noted that you wanted to keep careful if you have special plants in your garden, if they get out they eat EVERYTHING!! cheap plants ,weeds and all your best flowers!!!!
    get a run and no cockerel for city will have fun!!!regards

  2. What a sweet thing for her to do. You're a lucky man!

  3. We would definitely only be going with some hens. I heard that you really have to watch them around plants.

    It was really nice and I really appreciate it. Hopefully they grow as well as the first batch did at first.


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