Saturday, January 23, 2010

Relocating to Vancouver?

Jame and I have discussed it and we both would really like to move to Vancouver.  I've already begun looking over job postings there.  If anyone knows of good resources for job postings I would really appreciate (civil engineering positions).  If you maybe know of a firm that would be useful as they often don't post positions and need to be approached.  I also have no idea where would be a good place to live.  If anyone has any experiences from visits or living there I would really appreciate hearing it.  I'm also super excited from a plant view - zone 8!!  I could keep Yellow Brugmansia outside!  Castor Beans might survive the winter!  I could grow a Monkey Puzzle Tree!!!  I can even grow some palms with no protection!!!  But first I need to find a job...

Meanwhile, here's an extreme absolute minimum temperature chart.


  1. I like your idea of zone 8...seems so many things can grow down to that zone. I am in zone 10, and am constantly depressed because something I want can't grow here! I am fond of California (southern), Arizona (if you like cactus), and Utah (for rocks). Note I am in the esatern US, but long for the west!

    Good luck in your job hunt!!! South Florida can be wonderful, as long as you can fly out quickly when you need to get out of's a long drive up and out of here!!! Well...actually NORTH Florida is nice...maybe Jacksonville (if you want Atlantic Ocean), or Tallahassee (if you want politics), or Pensacola (if you like the Blue Angels)! Bear in mind, you will HAVE TO HAVE botanical gardens nearby, and a University would be good as well. Tee hee hee!!!

  2. Wow, zone 8?! I'm only in 7 here--there's a wicked-awesome monkey puzzle tree in Georgetown down here (That reminds me... Here's a pic of it. I don't have a really good one--I always planned on it but never got back to that area), not too far from some famous garden place. Dumbarton Oaks?

    I have heard wonders of Vancouver. It's one of the places on my list. Let me know if anyone needs a science-type editor, eh, and good luck in your search!

  3. Yeah, I'm really excited. Vancouver has a large number of gardens, parks, and there are several universities in the region.

    I really like those Monkey Puzzles. You have to be careful when the branches dry though. They become razor sharp. I discovered this while removing some branches in the greenhouse...

    I'll keep a look out for anyone that needs a science-type editor. The Universities are research intensive.

  4. I wish i could help on the Vancouver Move but i can't. Good luck to you two non that though!

    I do have a question that I hope you can help me with

    Do you have much experience with Rhipsalis (Mistletoe cactus)? I took one in a couple of days ago that is in sad, sad shape and I would dearly love to rescue it.. I Posted some photos and what very little knowledge ( barely enough to identify it basically)I have on it on my blog . Any help you could give with this would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks so much
    Ma Fey

  5. If I could up and move anywhere, this would be one of the cities I'd seriously think about. Great gardening climate I hear. Lucky you!


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