Monday, January 25, 2010


I'm not sure whether these are being grown for labs or to sell in the spring, but there are a large number of coleus!  They are all different varieties and the colours are very lovely.  They look a bit odd because they're under artificial light and it was cloudy outside, but I figured a room filled with colour needs to be shared.


  1. Nice, I like them all mixed like that too!

  2. That is alot of colour for this time of year. I ought to grow more coleus! Looks like the greenhouse has lots of HPS lights.

  3. They really are nice. I've never seen this many different varieties together before. I tried growing some last year but they didn't seem to like full sun at the base of a brick wall...

  4. Love coleus color!!! Thanks for sharing! It takes water here, so I can't grow it (outside, anyway) with our water restrictions! Sadly!


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