Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Spring Seedlings!

For anyone else that lives in the Northern Hemisphere and is devastated by the thought of the approaching winter, I figured I would upload this beam of light. Many of the labs require vegetables. As a result we've started literally thousands of peas, beans and tomato plants.

So I've uploaded a photo of the bean and pea sprouts so you can pretend it's spring too (maybe if we all believe just enough it will really happen... or maybe not). The colour is a little weird because it's been raining for the last week and the artificial lights are on. I learned in my risk analysis and decision making class that London, Ontario actually gets more rain than Dublin. Who would have thought.

I think I might ask if I can start some of my own vegetable seeds so I can harvest some fresh ones in the middle of the winter! First I need to try and get my Moringa, Musa basjoo, Adansonia digitata (Baobab), Hippeastrum (amaryllis), etc. plants in. I think I may just have to ask for a small bench. Better yet why not an entire greenhouse? Wish me luck!

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