Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Bougainvillea Colours!

I think I have fallen in love with Bougainvillea. They are simply gorgeous! On either side of the entrance to the lower greenhouse there are about three Bougainvillea in several different colours. They really helps to brighten even the drabbest of days.

I thought that maybe with the summer coming to a close so would the flowering. However the opposite seems to have happened. They are covered with more blossoms than they have every had before. We've also started about 30 other cuttings from the pink variety which themselves are beginning to flower. Some of them are only twigs.

Below you can see some of the nicest plants. I hope they help to brighten your Wednesday!


  1. I love to see them growing in masses, tumbling over walls in tropical villas. Too bad they are so tender.

  2. I love bougainvilleas~ We use to have them growing wild in my yard! And when can I come to the greenhouse with you?

  3. I'm jealous. You can pretty much come whenever you want. For some reason they don't advertise it but you can drop in and get a tour any time you want. One day when we have a break we could all go and I could give the tour!

  4. At our condo complex here in Phoenix we have plenty of bouganvillea but the dumb landscapers are constantly "trimming them back". As soon as they start to get a bloom---CHOP---it's gone. (That's because what they call landscapers if Phx are mostly butchers).
    Nice blog you have here.

  5. That would be VERY frustrating. Thanks for the comment!


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