Saturday, October 10, 2009

Adenium arabicum Update I (94 Days)

A few weeks ago I transplanted the Adenium arabicum when they started to get a bit big.  Until this point they had been growing rapidly with no sign of slowing down.  After the transplant the growth unfortunately slowed to a stop.  I found this to be very discouraging because these plants can supposedly take a lot of abuse (as long as they're not standing in water).

However I've since learned that although they are difficult to kill, they can be very finicky.  Other people growing this plant have had similar experiences.  It may be something as simple as a temperature change or moving the plant from inside to out.  Growth stops immediately and the plants tend to drop their leaves.  They nearly always grow back as long as the stems don't become mushy, but it's really frustrating.  If they had continued growing at their previous rate, these plants may have been two or three times the size they are now.
I decided to upload a picture so you can see what this 'delightful' event looks like.  Most of the seedlings have lost at least a few leaves but I figure the remaining ones have stayed because they are so young.  These leaves have many yellow patches and I'm not sure if they'll stay until new leaves are formed or just drop off.  I've reduced watering in an effort to prevent rotting but I am worried that they'll try and go dormant.  I don't know what the survival rate would be for two month old seedlings (the size of one month olds).

If anyone has and tips or suggestions I would really appreciate it.  It almost looks like some of the leaves have an insect infestation (which is apparently also a problem when there is low humidity) but I've inspected and don't think there are any.  I haven't seen anything suggesting new growth.  Could they also be putting out new roots?


  1. The way you'd described it before, I was picturing no leaves at all, so this doesn't seem that bad. And if they go dormant, well, they've got fairly thick stems, so they've got water stored up. Not that big of a deal.

    You're positive they don't have spider mites? 'Cause it does look that way from here.

  2. There are only about two that have lost all of their leaves. The rest have lost about half. I'm pretty sure it's not spider mites but I'll take a look again. What would you recommend if I found some?


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