Saturday, October 10, 2009

Fall Seed Collecting

Over the last week or so I've been harvesting seeds from various plants that I have or would like to grow next year.  My collection so far includes some Morning Glory (top), Castor Beans (right), Magnolia (left), and Aesculus (I don't remember the name but it looks like a shrub version of a Chestnut).

I harvested the Castor Beans from two different locations.  I'm pretty sure that they are different species but I'm surprised by how small the one set of seeds is.  They came from a dark red variety and all the seed pods looked relatively small.  The big ones are from a lighter red and are not fully dry which helps to explain some of the difference in size.  I'm a little paranoid so I might test the smaller ones just to make sure they're fertile.  Does anyone know of any other wonderful Castor Bean or Datura (I'm thinking double purple for next year) varieties?

The Magnolia and Aesculus should be planted fresh.  I tried to get some Aesculus last year but left them in the basement and they completely shriveled up.  Needless to say, none of them sprouted.  I know the Magnolia could take up to 20 years to get the first bloom, but I would still like to try and grow them.  Has anyone tried sprouting them before?

Happy thanksgiving to my fellow Canadians!  I'd also like to wish the best to everyone that is attending the National Equality March in the US!

I don't expect the little Aesculus seeds to sprout but I couldn't throw them out for some reason.  You never know...

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