Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Although the last few days have been a bit wet, this summer has been quite warm for Calgary.  Most of my seeds have already sprouted.  I'm still waiting on my banana and banana cousin but they can be a little finicky and often take a while.  I've been putting the pots outside on my balcony during the day and bringing them in for the nights.  It gets cool here in the evening and temperatures drop to about 12C some nights (or cooler) even though the days may be 28C or so.

Unfortunately I have them all a good soak right before we had three days of rain.  Most of the seedlings seem to be fine but I'm worried the Goji berries may be damping off.  Hopefully they'll dry out before I loose any more.  By the way, all of these seeds were stored in a fridge for over 4 months.  It doesn't seem to affect their vitality.  Anyways, without further adieu, here are the seedlings:

Eucalyptus pulverulenta (Silver Leaved Mountain Gum) - Most sprouted.

Brugmansia versicolor (Fragrant Peach Angel's Trumpet) - 1/5 I believe, just started yesterday.

Passiflora caerulea (Purple Passion Flower) - About 1/2 have sprouted.

Lycium chinense (Goji Berry) - Please don't damp off, please don't damp off...

Melissa officinalis (Lemon Balm) - Here's to hoping it's not just a stray poplar seed.  Ha hopefully I see some more.


  1. Awesome, they all look great; good luck with them, the goji berries are running amuck, the Brugmansia looks like an old man, and hopefully dear Melissa is not a stray; all look really good, and can't wait to see updates on their developments, all sound like beautiful plants too, well done! :-)

  2. Not sure about your nursery but offer this for your damping off issue(s). Make a cup of tea, cool and place in a spray bottle. Spray your seedlings; they will not damp off.

    If mold is quite a problem, sprinkle cinnamon on the soil.

    I like the tea method best.

  3. Gaianursery, I'll be sure to post some more updates. Ha your comment was almost poetic!

    Anonymous, I'll be sure to try that method. I let them dry out a bit and they seem to be fine now. Only lost about 10% or so. I should post some update.

  4. Nice method you give I'll try this definitely.


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