Thursday, January 26, 2012

Pomegranates Sprouting (Punica granatum)

Pomegranate's are one of my favourite fruits.  A few days ago I realized that this is one of the few plants I haven't tried to grow from seed.  After eating a large fruit I saved about a dozen seeds.  I made sure to clean each one well, washed them, then let them dry for about a week.  Next the seeds were soaked for about 24 hours and planted in a general mix at about 23C.  Within about a week, these sprouts are coming up.  Allegedly pomegranates are easy to sprout so I expect to see most of them germinate.

The local greenhouses have the dwarf cultivar which only grows to 2m (6') or a max of 1m (3') or so in a container.  The fruit of these dwarfs is about the size of a golf ball.  Although I intend to keep my plants in pots, I wanted something that gets bigger and would produce larger fruit.  Maybe I'll actually see some in a few years.  Only time will tell.


  1. Good Luck with the pomegranate sprouting. Have you tried eating the young sprouts?

  2. Pomegranate in pots? Interesting. Hope you will post the stages of development of the plant too.

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  3. here in Texas we can grow them outside. They take to our hot summers very well, there's even some non-fruiting flowering varieties around. I've always considered starting some from seed... never got the gumption to do it though. looking forward to seeing how yours do...

  4. Sprouting, thanks! No I haven't, but I might just try it in the future.

    Anonymous, I love keep track of plants as they grow so you can bet that I'll be posting a bunch of pictures.

    Claude, I'm jealous. I really belong in a warmer climate. That or I need a large personal greenhouse. I'm really hoping they do well and eventually fruit.

  5. AWESOME! I just planted in containers some pomegranate seeds I germanated. I'm happy to see the amazingness I have to look forward to!


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