Thursday, January 19, 2012

Cassabanana Seeds Sprouting (Sicana odorifera)

I received my Cassabanana seeds a few months ago but decided to wait a few months before sowing them.  I stored them in the fridge for about two months and amazingly I've had 100% germination!  I soaked them for five days before planting.  I actually forgot about them and was worried they'd end up drowning but I guess it ended up being perfect. They were soaked at room temperature then kept at about 24C. The roots are already almost to the bottom of the pots (about 15cm) so I get the feeling these are going to be some extremely quick growing plants.

Here you can see them two days ago, just starting to break the surface:

Today you can see that 9/10 are fully vertical with open leaves and 1 is still on the way up (hidden in the farthest pot behind another seedling). I'm thinking these will need to be transplanted within two weeks at most.  I might have to pot them up at the local greenhouses just to make sure they have enough room.

Now I have no idea if I'll ever get fruit from these.  They need a long growing season and although we have warm, humid summer in south-western Ontario the season isn't long enough.  I'm hoping I'll see some by starting them this early so hopefully I'll have at least one fruit by the end of the summer!

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  1. This is a new plant, I did not know about.
    Hope you get the fruits soon.


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