Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween! Germinating Nepenthes rowanae

    In honour of Halloween, I saved this carnivorous pitcher plant for last germination post.  In the background of the photo you can see what the actual plant looks like.  It should grow up to 1m tall and produce dozens of little red pitchers which are about 20cm long.  I've always wanted a pitcher plant and in a few months could have one of my own.

    These seeds may be the most difficult of all my purchases to germinate.  They should be sprinkled on sphagnum peat moss, ideally living moss if possible.  Seeds should be kept in closed containers, placed in bright light and kept at 30C.  Germination can take months and possibly up to a year.  I sure hope these ones are worth it!

    Happy Halloween everyone!


  1. I've heard that this plant was difficult to germinate but anything is possible. Great plant. Hope you had a nice Halloween.

  2. It's suppose to be very difficult. I actually don't expect to be successful with this one but why not try?


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