Saturday, March 26, 2011

Garden Centre Recommendations?

I'm finding winter is really taking it's toll on me and spring just can't come soon enough! So to try and forget about all the white fluff covering the ground, I'd like to visit some garden centres. My favourite one in London, ON is Parkway Gardens. It's one of the largest in London and even has some large Eucalyptus, Ficus benjamina and Ficus elastica growing in the ground.

I'm hoping to find some large and luxurious (well wide selection of plants) greenhouses in South-Western Ontario. What are your favourite must-visit garden centres in Ontario? For that matter are there any great greenhouses or summer gardens you'd recommend?


  1. I'd like to recommend "Lost Horizons', RR1, Acton, ON. It's a real nursery with a treasure trove of difficult to find plants. It also has a great display garden.

  2. Belgian Nursery in Breslau ON. It is quite a large indoor greenhouse. They have lots of stuff and a Parrot.

    Harper's Garden Centre, Ancaster ON. This place would be best seen in about a month once all the outdoor plants are ready. They have an awesome selection of unusual shrubs & trees.

  3. You left us?! I hope it wasn't something we said. But I'm sure you are glad to be back home.

    Sorry I missed out on your seed starting goodies. I hibernated a bit this winter and I'm now just getting back to it all.

  4. If you're ever in Toronto drop by Allan Gardens. 5 greenhouses interconnected, open free to the public. I've never seen jade vines anywhere else, huge cacti and agave specimens, 20ft tall palms, etc
    I think in early June they will be having a succulent society sale - I will definitely be there!

  5. @Stevie, it's good to take a break. That way you don't burn out.

    @ellieT Those Allan gardens look awesome! Thanks for the suggestion.

  6. Loving some of these suggestions, going to have to bookmark this so I can visit some of those.

  7. Just to follow up on ellet suggestion, the Cactus and Succulent Show is on the first Sunday in June, this year June 5th, A great show, I never miss it.


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