Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Back in Ontario

Hey everyone! I'm still alive and now back in Ontario. I had to leave quite a few plants behind because I drove back through the US and had to ship them via plane because of the winter. They all survived but some are a little brutalised. Hopefully I'll be able to start some seeds within the next few days and start up some regular blog posting! Hope all it well.


  1. I lost track of you for awhile. Hope you had a good time in Vancouver and I hope all is well. Moving at this time of the year would be so hard on plants. I am so glad you were able to ship them!

  2. Oh, gosh...hope all is well with you! You sound anxious to get starting gardening....I suppose it is the best time of year in Canada, eh??? Best wishes to you after your move!

  3. @Ficurinia, the plants shipped well but were received by someone with no plant knowledge so when I got back they were looking really sad. Most should recover. My favourites are alright.

    @Julie, I'm excited to start planting things again. Just need to get the grow light up. I have it wired but for some reason it isn't working. I'll jig things around and hope the ballasts aren't blown.

  4. What happened to operation relocation? Did things not work out? Anyway glad you and your plants made it back safely.

  5. A severe lack of reasonable job prospects... :(


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