Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Free Herb Seeds!

Yesterday I was excited to see that I'd received some free herb seeds from Home Town Seeds. The herb pack comes complete with a large quantity of seeds from 10 different species/varieties! It's a great way to jump-start your herb garden for the spring.
I've never really grown herbs before which is strange because I enjoy cooking with them, especially making fresh pesto. I was very excited by the opportunity to get some seeds, and species included in this pack include:

Dill (Mammoth Long Island)
Oregano (Italian)
Parsley (Italian Flat Leaf)
Sage (Broad Leaved)
Basil (Sweet Dani)
Basil (Purple Ruffels)
Cilantro (Slow Bolt)

It's a great selection and I can't wait to start sowing! If you're interested in your own pack you can take a look over at this link. Pollination is open and none of the varieties are from GM parents. I even got a nice little Thank You Note!


  1. I love growing stuff from seed. I just started some succulent seeds including Lithops and Conophytums inspired by your experience with them. I'll let you know how it works out.

  2. @Kaveh, good luck with the succulents. I found the Conophytum to be even more sensitive to moisture than the Lithops so watch the seedlings closely.

  3. Basil is super easy by seed by the way. One good way to grow them is just in those little pop up peat cups. You can just grow them to harvest size and then cut them back completely when you want to use them and then just toss the peat cup out. They germinate so readily and quickly you can just always have some on hand. I used to be friends with a girl who ran a greenhouse of basil grown aeroponically. (sort of like hydroponics but more of a drip/mister so the roots were exposed to air and not sitting in water).

  4. My succulents already germinated by the way. =)

  5. @Kaveh, Glad to know Basil is easy. It's definitely my favourite herb! Glad to here the succulents sprouted, they sprout ridiculously quickly.


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