Sunday, November 21, 2010

Question About Cuttings

About six weeks ago I was given some cuttings from Begonia masoniana (Iron Cross), Begonia deciata (Angel's Wing), Pilea mollis, and Peperomia argyreia. For the Iron Cross, I simple sliced all major leaf veins with a knife and sprinkled the cuts with rooting hormone. Then I placed the leaf on the surface of some home-made potting mix and placed the entire thing in a bag. I checked a few days ago and most of the cuts have rooted. I checked the bottom of the pot and there are roots. I'm just wondering when top growth will start.

I placed the Angel's Wing stem in the same mix with a bit of rooting hormone. Again the entire thing was placed in a bag. This was the first to root and has new top growth.

I did basically the same thing with the Pilea and Peperomia however I cut the Peperomia leaf into three pieces. They have all rooted and again the roots have grown to the bottom of the pot.

I'm wondering when I can expect some top growth to start. Six weeks seems longer than usual to me. Any thoughts?

I'm also going to Victoria this afternoon (Capital of British Columbia). I'll be leaving tonight and coming back on Wednesday. I'm hoping I can get some good pictures because it's a really beautiful city.

One more question. This Calathea is located in a bank with low light levels. Is it young, dwarf, or just suffering from chronically low light levels? You have to see it in person. I never thought of Calathea as adorable, but this one really is!

Update: Apparently it's a Maranta leuconeura var. kerchoveana. Thanks to mr_subjunctive!


  1. The Calathea is a Maranta (M. leuconeura var. kerchoveana), and that's more or less the size it's supposed to be. As it gets older, the leaves may get a little bigger, but the main thing to happen is that the stems will start trailing over the side of the pot.

    The Pilea leaf rooted? I didn't think they could be propagated that way.

  2. A trailer eh? Very interesting! I really like that tiny little plant and thanks for the ID.

    The Pilea definitely rooted. I think stems are ideal but was given a leaf so figured why not try it.

  3. Andrew, It has been a while since I stopped by your blog. I hope this finds you and your other half well in your new location.
    I'll be back soon.

  4. Neat propogations, Andrew!!! Isn't Mr. Subjective amazing??? That is one really cute plant he ID'd. Have fun on your trip!!!

  5. Great compilation of posts here at your blog! I have only recently discovered it, but I plan to be re-visiting it for more!

  6. We grow the Calathea as a summer annual outside. Beautiful foliage!

  7. @Jim, welcome back!

    @Julie, unfortunately it's freezing here! This weather is extremely atypical and it's suppose to work up immediately after we leave.

    @Lana, Thanks and hope you enjoy it!

    @Compost in my shoe, I've never thought of them as an annual. Interesting idea though.

  8. I hope the cuttings grow soon.
    have fun at your trip!

  9. I am going to look for a really is cute and the fact that is trails is even nicer!!! Maybe you could beg/borrow, or steal a cutting from the bank???

  10. LOL I think it was awkward enough taking a picture while the teller was helping me.


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