Wednesday, August 25, 2010

New Houseplants!

Believe it or not, a few days ago a had no plants in my house. None. Not a single one. Everything I have is currently outside enjoying the sunny Vancouver summer. I figured it was about time to get my first Vancouver-bought house plants and ran to the best/worst place I could think of, HD. Like usual nearly everything was unlabeled.

I ended up with a selection of three plants. The place I'm in right now is a basement apartment and is really drab. Luckily, it's an entire basement and there are windows on all four sides of the house. I wanted some plants to add a punch of colour.

Side Rant (You can skip this part if you're not a cynical person):

This place is painted an ugly colour somewhere between light grey and brown. It's like grimiest attempt at white anyone has ever tried to achieve. Literally the entire place - ceilings, walls, trim, and the carpet/tile is a similar colour. Why?!?! I've been painting part-time for the last two months and every last thing I've painted has been beige or off-white. Please no more. Could everyone do me a favour and design with colour in the future? I need colour in my life and so do you. See example of colour below. Makes you happy doesn't it?

I ended up deciding upon Ficus elastica 'Burgundy', Dracaena deremensis 'Warneckii Lemon Lime' and a polka-dot plant. I'll probably end up putting the Ficus outside. It needs bright light to retain the deep 'Burgundy' colour. Full sun is a bit too intense near the equator (although it will still grow) but here is seems to be ideal.


  1. I have one plant in my's like your stripey one in the picture. I always thought it was called a spider plant or snake plant or something like that for some reason. Anyway, we'll see how long mine lives...

  2. What a great selection. I'm glad to see you are nestling into your new place. :-)--Randy

  3. Slightly off topic, but I saw you asked about a plant at PATSP, and since I'm not on twitter, you get my guess here - I think it's Castanospermum australe.

  4. I LOVE my variegated rubber tree! It is so lovely. I have to "edit" my plants soon to bring them in, which is always a painful process. Enjoy your new "roommates"!

  5. Nice looking houseplants. I do terribly with them - they all look sickly. But if I had these nice ones, just maybe....

  6. I have the rubber ficus outdoors and it actually came back from all those hard freezes! It does live in full sun, but it gets plenty of moisture.
    Oh, and I agree with you on the side rant, but I suppose the majority of people looking for a place to live would be more particular.

  7. @Dale, it probably is a spider plant. They're one of the classic house plants that are great and really hard to kill.

    @Randy, It just doesn't feel like home without some plants!

    @Ivynettle, Thanks, you definitely got it. I love that plant and I think I'll pick it up next time we go to HD.

    @Anonymous, It might be easier to edit your furniture. Just a thought. ;)

    @Stevie, I'm sure you could take care of them. I made sure to get ones that weren't picky. You should stop by HD and load up.

    @Rainforest Gardener, I heard they could take a lot of abuse. Glad to here it. It's good to know other people like some colour as well.

  8. such cute plants...i need more color in my house too...mine is small, and all white walls...are you shocked? I wish I had one wall in livingroom that was mustard colored!!!!! :)

  9. @Julie, How could you?!?!?! They're fine white if you've got an accent wall. That or punched up the place with some bright accessories. I don't mind mustard (usually), you should go for it!


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