Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Fortunei My Lithops are Alright

Get it? What a great blog post name! I guess someone would have to be really creative to fuse two seemingly unrelated things into such a seamless title. That or just desperate for a post - erhum...

I was worried about my Lithopses because I forgot to take them in during a rainy weekend. Now I didn't think this would really be a problem but when I checked on them some had swelled to nearly twice their size! Like any concerned parent, I immediately brought my children inside to let them dry out a bit. Almost all of them ended up 'shedding' a skin and I only lost one. I had no idea they were so sensitive to moisture. You can see in the picture above what's left of their old skin.

The Trachycarpus fortunei palm seedlings have also done very well. They're about a month old now and kind of look like little green fan shaped sails. I thought they'd look much more grass-like. I think I'll repot them relatively soon and might even drop half into my community plot. I have about 25 sprouts so if I loose a few I should be able to make it through (eventually).


  1. I'm glad your lithops made it. Too tricky for me, I've learned my lesson. I'll admire them in someone else's hands (figuratively speaking).

    If you plant your palms out in your plot will you bed them out or sink them in pots? It will be interesting to see how they compare come spring.

  2. Glad the lithops made it. I'm thinking of skipping the veggie garden next year and focusing on plants for the yard. I planted morning glories this year and they went crazy growing up the back porch! They are blooming, but not like I was hoping for. Still, the plants themselves must be a good ten feet tall! I'm sure they'd be taller if I had a bigger trellis!

  3. Those palms are looking good. Those leaves almost even look like palm leaves!

  4. @Thomas, If I put them in the plot I'll probably stick them in the soil without pots. They're too easy for someone to steal otherwise. Might compare to just leaving them in pots.

    @Randy, Love the pic! You could try abusing the morning glories (reducing water/fertilizer if you've been using it). It might stress them into flowering.

    @Andrew, They do look very palm-like. Somewhat insignificant but charming at the same time.

  5. I'm not sure about the backlink thing - where exactly do you see it?

  6. Those palms look like they are growing fast! Will they overwinter if you pop them into your community garden plot?


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