Thursday, July 29, 2010

Adenium arabicum Flower Buds?

Could it be?  Is it possible?  I think one of my Adenium arabicum may have a bunch of flower buds!  I haven't noticed them on any others but unless the leaves have mutated I'm pretty sure these are flower buds.  It's on one of the more sickly plants but YEAH!!!  Click on the picture for a better view.  I took it with my phone and it doesn't have a macro.
I'll update as soon as one opens.  My Trachycarpus fortunei palm sprouts are also doing really well.  I'm up to 19 sprouts and the first leaves are starting to emerge!
This Dahlia is from Cottonwood Community Gardens.  It's nice, so here it is.


  1. Those palm sprouts are so cute...indeed "sprouts"! LOL.

    Congrats on your Desert Rose buds! How exciting now...any minute you will have flowers!!! Yeah!!!

  2. Congrats on the flower buds. When it blooms they will look amazing.

  3. @Julie, Yeah those palms are really fun! The only sprouts I have are from the ones I harvested here. Nothing from the seeds I bought yet!

    @MrBrownThumb, I'm really forward to it!

    @Stevie, Super YAY!

  4. Cool! Post pictures of it's bloom. I've never seen one before. Is is a pretty flower? That Dahlia has an awesome colour!

  5. @Laura, They seem to take forever to mature. The Dahlia did have a very interesting colour. I took the photo in the early evening so the colour looked even better/odder.

  6. Love the peach color of the dahlia. I have some candy cane zinnias that bloomed (with luck) this year. I was pleased with them, though they are laying over. A dog made a nice little bed between them and the morning glories climbing the deck in order to stay cool. :(

  7. @Randy, I hate it when my plants get crushed! Whether it be animals (including children) or something else it really bothers me. I've never heard of candy cane zinnias. But I've made up a picture in my mind and they look awesome!


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