Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Moringa stenopetala 2 Update I (24 Days)

I started soaking a new batch of Moringa stenopetala seeds about 24 days ago.  For anyone that doesn't know, I've tried them previously.  They grew well in a greenhouses but eventually succumbed to a pest.  I think the pots I started them in were too small.  Moringa are known to be sensitive to the amount of soil they're started in.  They send down a taproot and I think when it hit the base of the pot they stopped growing.

I was sent a second batch of seeds for free but I held onto them until just about three weeks ago.  I soaked them for several days, planted them in compost and then left them in a warm cupboard.  I had to use ice cream pots which seem to work really well.  Six seeds were planted in each.  The right one was always kept indoors until sprouting.  For the left one I wanted to see if they would sprout in outdoor temperatures.  After a week there was nothing so I brought it in and then they started to sprout.

I've been putting the seedlings outside on sunny days and bringing them in during the winter.  It's still a bit cold here in the evenings and I don't want to impede growth.  Animals also LOVE these little Moringa seedlings and there is no way I'll leave them outside unguarded during the night.

For anyone that wants to know why I'm so interested in this plant, take a look here.  The nutritional properties of Moringa species are similar.  My goal is to grow them as a tuber in the summer and then dig up and store for the winter.  We'll have to see how it goes!


  1. They are pretty big for 24 days. Looks like you had some good seeds. Keep an eye out for squirrels!

  2. Of those 24 days, 3 were spent soaking and the first sprouts didn't show for a week. They've only been above the soil for two weeks so they're doing very well indeed.

  3. What a cool (and healthy) plant!!! Tree! It will be interesting to see how you eat it!

  4. You can use it just like spinach. I'm just hoping they'll get that far. ;)

  5. hi, friend i like to buy seeds of moringa stenopetala you can send me just 4 seeds to Xolima México in a mext post ordinary.


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