Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Operation Relocation - Day 4 - Winnipeg to Regina to Saskatoon

The original plan for today was to only go as far as Regina.  We felt industrious so we ended up in Saskatoon.  This will shorten our trip to Edmonton tomorrow so we can spend some more time at the greenhouses there and in the West Edmonton Mall!
The day started out with partial clouds in Winnipeg.  This quickly became rain which stayed with us for most of the drive to Regina.  For some reason when people said this area was flat, I envisioned a plane stretching on to infinite.  This isn't the case and there are some slight contours to the area.  That van in the last pictures is just plain impressive.  There were actually several vehicles like this along the drive.
In Regina the rain stopped but clouds remained.  There were a few sunny breaks and we visited the Legislative Park area downtown.  All of these prairie cities have had Dutch Elm.  I had no idea how great these trees looked because they have been more or less wiped out in South-Western Ontario.  There is much more after the page break to click 'Delve Deeper'.
Next we went to the Regina Floral Conservatory.  The best way to describe this place is beautifully tacky.  The plants are a jumble from every which climate but somehow fit together into one odd delightful space.  The choice of plants and colours were so at odds with one another that when we first walked in we thought most of them were actually plastic!  There were literally dozens of hydrangea scattered everywhere.
From here we drove north to Saskatoon.  We saw three tumble weeds!  They do exist!!  It started to rain, turned into wet snow and was accompanied with winds that were incredibly strong.  The weather cleared for a bit as we reached the city and we got a relatively clear picture of the entrance sign (a little ironic today).
The only site we visited in the city was the Mendel Art Gallery & Civic Conservatory.  We weren't allowed to take photos of the art gallery but I took a bunch in the Conservatory.  Once again it was nice and filled with a diverse range of plants.  Once again it was a little tacky.  I liked it nonetheless, but their banana was bigger than mine and I felt a little emasculated.  :(
In total we took 168 pictures today!  I'd love to share more but it was getting a little ridiculous.  We've gone through two timezone changes now.  It's great to gain another hour!  It's currently snowing outside and beginning to accumulate on roofs.  It should melt tomorrow but it's suppose to be cool in Edmonton as well.

It's suppose to 17C (63F) in Kamloops on Thursday so I'm looking forward to that!  Then Friday on to Vancouver!  I'm super excited for tomorrow.  I'm not sure if I'll end up doing a post because we're planning on staying at the Edmonton Mall until it closes.


  1. They still have roll up the rim up there! :-)

  2. @Dan, They do! We were shocked, and had to get a picture. We both lost, just like home! :(

  3. So I've been reading over the old post and I haven't found what prompted the move? I've been behind on my bloggin lately...

  4. When I first read your blog, you were kind of far away, but plant love extends over borders and crosses many miles and languages too, so I didn't mind. Now, you'll be a neighbor to the North! Welcome to the great Pacific Northwest, land of salmon, cynics, and gardens galore! If you like fly-fishing for trout there's tons of that too. Hope you arrived safely.

  5. What a nice break the conservatory must have been from all that rain (and snow!?)Have fun at West Edmonton Mall!

  6. I'm gonna have to check out that ultra cool mall you keep talking about!

  7. @Randy, an amazing city with warmer weather and a new adventure!

    @Ficurinia, thanks for the welcome! I'm extremely excited and only a few days away!

    @Laura, those conservatories are amazing. The warmth is much needed. The mall was interesting but neither of us buy anything but food. We're not really mall people.

    @Julie, the mall would be fun for a family or if you love shopping. It wasn't as amazing as we had thought.


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