Monday, May 3, 2010

Operation Relocation - Day 3 - Thunder Bay to Winnipeg

Today we finally left Ontario and made it to Winnipeg in Manitoba!  This is actually a great city and stole the show for the day.  It is well planned and we moved through downtown during rush hour with no trouble at all.  For a city with over 633 000 people, this is quite the feat.  Below you can see the route we took for the day.
The trip to Winnipeg was surprisingly uneventful.  The scenery was relatively nice but it rained most of the time.  This area is dotted with hundreds of lakes.  Below you can see a few of the more interesting sites.  We've both decided that we are thoroughly city people and although small town are fine to visit, we need our urbanity.
Within a few minutes of crossing the border it the rocks were gone and the landscape was entirely flat.  It was almost uncomfortable.  The 50/50 split coniferous and deciduous gave way to nearly entirely deciduous forests.  In Winnipeg we went through downtown.  There were large trees everywhere!  It was really delightful.  We also saw the Royal Canadian Mint but it was too small in the picture so I didn't upload it.
Next we decided to take a look at Assiniboine Park.  This is a great area that includes many different gardens and activities.  Below are some photos of the park including the sculpture garden and zoo.  These areas would be simply gorgeous in the summer!  The first picture below is a large building in the centre of the park.
Leo Mol Sculpture Garden & English Garden (there must have been over 50 sculptures in total)
Zoo.  A peacock in Winnipeg?  Apparently.  Too charming.
Tomorrow we're not entirely sure what's happening.  We're either going to Regina, Saskatoon or both.  It depends on the sites in each city and we'll figure it out later tonight.  This is by far the funnest day this far!


  1. Looks like a beautiful place! Good statue posing. You almost couldn't tell who was the statue, and who was the person..

  2. Oh, that park looks lovely! Gorgeous big ol peacock too!!! You guys make crossing Canada look easy and fun! (I guess it is, actually)!!! I can only dream of such an awesome trip!!! Keep having loads of fun!

  3. Oh, holy heck, Winnipeg.

    Your adventures were much more fun than mine were. I went bowling, ate at a smoky Chinese restaurant, and attended a Catholic wedding of a friend of a friend's cousin.

    By the way... You're a Mouse & Trowel Award Finalist. :P

  4. @Laura, statues + not the most serious of people = posing. It started in Timmins and now I think we'll do it all the time.

    @Julie, It is really nice here. Colder than London and most of the tulips haven't even opened yet. It's not easy in Northern Ontario. The roads curve in every which direction. The next few days will be quick though!

    @Kenneth Moore, Bowling and Chinese are fun! I like weddings for the food. Thanks for the reminder, I forgot to take a look yesterday.

  5. Well, it certainly looks as though the two of you are having a good time!-- Randy

  6. Okay, seems it's getting a bit Randy crowded in here. Just kidding. Road trips are the best, aren't they? Except when you do them alone. I've done from Texas to North Carolina and back alone more than I'd like to have. It's roughly 24 hours of driving, and I've done it straight through a couple of times. As much traveling as I've done, I've never really done the stop and sight see thing. Maybe that should be on my next traveling guide. Have fun, and stay safe!

  7. @Randy, We are having an amazing time!

    @Chicken Boys (Randy), you should really turn the trip into something fun. We had no idea we'd have this much fun. We basically thought we'd find a few things to keep our sanity. It's been sooooo much fun. PS if you ever get a change to go to Regina, skip it.

  8. Love that moss, it is almost like coral.

  9. @Dan, I think it's mostly lichens actually. They can take more abuse than moss. They really are interesting up close though!


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