Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wordless Wednesday (UWO Campus, Civic Gardens)


  1. Beautiful trees! There is something quite whimsical about a flowering tree. As for the Dandelion's, don't worry about a thing. We have tons of them out here on the westcoast waiting for you....I know, you were concerned.

  2. That purple in front of silver looking buildings looks awesome! I hope you will get to design some green buildings in your work, if you like to! Green buildings that include use of trees!!! Yeah!!!

  3. Liking those white trout lilies!

  4. @Laura Those dandelions are everywhere. We literally have fields of them that have already gone to seed.

    @Phillip Sure are!

    @Julie The contrast is really striking so I just had to get a picture. There are a few 'brutalist' buildings on campus. Weldon Library is interesting but the others are really ugly. At least they make good back drops!

    @Dan They always seem to start blooming just after the yellow ones. Very Nice. I wish they were a bit larger though.


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