Friday, April 30, 2010

Operation Relocation - The Plan

Tomorrow we leave!  We're at that point where we think we're crazy and second guessing a little.  I'm excited but it's sad to say goodbye to everyone.  My mom is having a really hard time.  She wants us to go but is a very emotional person.  The hardest things in life are usually the most worthwhile.

We decided to turn the drive into a cross country road trip.  It will take about seven days.  Below you can see our planned route.  Yes it is fastest to go right through the US in a mostly straight line.  We wanted to go to the Edmonton Mall though (F on the map) and it was only a few more hours to just stay in Canada so we figured it was worth it to avoid the border (especially with plants).  The alternate route would have gone around the other side of the Great Lakes and then back into Canada.

Each blue line represents a day worth of driving.  We leave from London (ON) on day one and end in Timmins (ON) after about 10.5 hours.  Next on to Thunder Bay (ON), Winnipeg (MB), Regina (SK), Edmonton (AB), Kamloops (BC), and finally Vancouver (BC).  We have a few sites to see in each city including some gardens.  I'll also upload some of the better pictures of scenery from each stretch.  I'll try an update each day as long as we can find a place with internet.  YEAH!!  OMG I'm freaking out a little!!
There will be some dashboard plants too.  I'm trying some morning glory seeds I saved from last year.  Hopefully they actually sprout!  I'll be bringing a pregnant onion (1), Yucca rostrata (2), super-dwarf cavendish banana (1), Musa basjoo, Lantana (2), Adenium arabicum (16), Adansonia digitata (2), Brugmansia (2), and Laburnum watereri (2).  I hope they all make it!  Everything else was given away or went to the UWO Greenhouses.

I can't believe how fast this is all happening.  This is totally crazy!  I've been fine so far but I'm a little scared I might start balling my face off tomorrow.  We'll just have to wait and see.  As long as one of us is fine we can still drive!  :)  On to the future!


  1. Wow! It sounds like quite an adventure. I'm looking forward to hearing about all the different gardens you'll see along your cross country tour!

    Have a safe journey.

  2. Good luck on the drive guys! Be safe! See you in a week or so!

  3. Oh, have me blubbering for your poor Mom! It looks like such a longggg trip looking at that big map!

    I Like your last words, "on to the future".

    Drive carefully...will be watchin for ya from the road!

  4. Thanks everyone! We'll be sure to stay safe. The weather looks awful, as in it could potential rain every day, everywhere we go. There should be some sunny breaks though. YEAH!!!

  5. Hopefully the snow will have stopped & gone from Alberta by the time you're driving through it & you'll get some sun somewhere in there!

    Sounds so exciting though! Not going to lie I'm super jealous right now! Have fun.

  6. We definitely will! Yeah I've been looking at the weather and I'm not interested in seeing any snow. It will slow us down too. Hopefully some clear sunny days will make up for it. I planted the morning glory seeds a few minutes ago. The better grow!


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