Saturday, April 10, 2010

Spring & Website Cleaning

Today Jame was feeling energetic and decided to take on some spring cleaning.  I remembered that we hadn't cleaned under the couch in months.  With a bit of trepidation, I lifted up the edge of the couch and moved it out and away from the wall.  What I saw terrified me.  At the risk of loosing all of my dignity I'll share it with you.

Items of note include:

Cadbury Mini Egg
Potato chip (ruffled)
Potato chip (plain)
Dorito chip piece
Whole grain cracker
2 Reese's Pieces
2 Skittles
Black olive ring

Nail clippers
$1 Canadian (YEAH!  It was officially worth moving the couch!)
A stainless steel ring

It seems my obsessions can be summed up with two basic categories:  Junk food and shiny things.

On a more plant related note, my castor beans are poking their heads out a bit more.  It seems I planted them a little more densely than I was hoping.  Temperatures are beginning to stabilize above zero so I should be able to pot them up outside before there is too much of a problem.

I've also updated the website a little bit.  I added some pages with things like a plant list, contact info and links.  I'm not sure how I feel about the page bar background (the black one).  I think I like it but I've heard mixed reactions.  I also tried to simplify the sidebar by removing pointless gadgets and adding some more interesting ones.  If anyone has any suggestions I would really appreciate the feedback!  Now to studying for exams...


  1. Meh.


    We once found a baggie of coke under the couch when we threw them out to get new ones. We're still trying to figure out how the hell that got there.

  2. A baggie of coke eh? You win. :)

  3. Love your "finds" under the couch!!! LOL!

    Your castor beans are looking vigorous! I couldn't believe my eyes when my Cowpea seeds burst forth after only 24 hours in the soil! It has been three days and I have amazing growth so far...overly planted as well...but I knew that going in. Gonna separate into 2 growing bins...wanted to get a pic today but never had time...will post tomorrow morning!!!

  4. The castors always look great when they sprout. They're perfect because there's super encouraging every time, and make you feel like an amazing gardener. I'll be watching for that post tomorrow.

  5. I was most excited about the loonie! Coffee!

  6. Yeah! Seeing as we'll never win any from the rrroll up the rim contest... at least we had four donut tabs!


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