Sunday, April 11, 2010

Farm Scenery


  1. I love taking a drive through the farmlands. We regularly detour through Ridge/Meadows area. The kids get a kick out of seeing the Horses, Cows and Alpacas, and I enjoy the farm plant sales that spring up through the season. We always make sure to stop at Hopcott farms on the way home and get some fresh meat, eggs, and local grown fruits & veg.

    Thanks for sharing the pictures. There is nothing like the countryside.

  2. I love the scenery too and fresh farm produce is just great! The are also a lot of horses around but none were close enough at the time. Unfortunately all this space is being converted into suburbs. :(

  3. Another little bit of land lost to "progress". Sometimes I wonder if we will run out space in my lifetime.--Randy

  4. It is really disappointing. They have to limit urban growth boundaries and encourage development of empty or poorly used sites within cities.


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