Saturday, April 24, 2010

Short Lower Greenhouse Tour

Here's a video tour of the lower greenhouses.  There really isn't too much at this point.  Most of the plants have been cleared out because the lower areas are mostly for labs.  There are barely any labs in the summer so barely any plants.  Keep the audio off because it's just static-y.  :)


  1. A couple years ago I think I poked around this set of greenhouses. My mom was seeing the sports surgeon guy on campus and I had time to kill. Nice set of PL lights, they must cost a bit to run!

  2. Great tours. It must be sad to leave such a wonderful place like this.

  3. Oh she was probably at the Fowler clinic. It's pretty close to the greenhouses (5 minute walk). Not sure how much the lights cost to run but probably a good chunk of the budget.

    Thomas, it is kind of sad. There are a lot of gardens and greenhouses in Vancouver though so I'm excited. I wish there was more downstairs now. During the school year it's packed.


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