Sunday, April 25, 2010

Great Plant Time Lapse Video

I stumbled on this time-lapse video and it's great.  You can turn the quality up to 1080 for best viewing.  I've embedded it but you should really watch it in high quality.  Just click the youtube thing in the bottom right corner.


  1. I watched this episode on discover not to long ago, very interesting. Been trying to download the whole series but no one is seeding!

  2. This is SO COOL! I love how the camera moves unlike older time-lapse films.

  3. Download? You wouldn't torrent now would you? :O That's definitely where most of our movies come from! :) We're mostly good people though. I promise.

    It really does add when the camera moves. The stationary ones just can't compare.

  4. Fun video!

    Man, I wish I had a time-lapse of my morning glories in the windowsill. It took them only a week to get from the pot to the top of the window!

  5. Great time lapse. I love time lapse photography. My goal (when I can find more time, ha!) is to try my hand at it. We will see.

  6. Kenneth, the video is great! Thanks for mentioning the morning glory. You've given me an idea.

    Laura, I would love to try time lapse as well. I figure you could mount something in the garden with a raised corner. Then you just butt the camera up to it so it's always in the same spot. Then take a picture every day. How fun would it be to follow your garden through the year!


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