Tuesday, March 23, 2010

First Tomato and Brugmansia (45 Days)

I noticed yesterday that Tomatoes are actually beginning to form on my Tiny Tim plants.  I pollinated them with a beard trimmer as suggested by Kenneth.  Apparently the vibration is enough to release and spread the pollen within the flower.  I was worried that it didn't work, but the little green ball I saw this morning tells me otherwise!  It's hard to see but right at the centre of the picture.  Yeah, super early spring veggies!

The Brugmansia are also doing very well.  They're already hitting the lights with their very large leaves.  The stems are budding with growth and the first few branches are beginning to start.  Now I probably should have transplanted them into their own pots a while ago.  I'll make sure to do that this weekend after I apply to a few more jobs.  Does anyone have transplant tips?  The roots are really intertwined.

I'm going to send in a second application to the job that I'm really excited for just to add some things.  I'm concerned they won't want to hire me because I might have to fly there for an interview (I'm hoping skype is fine but worst case I might be able to pay for a flight).  I also haven't included any renders of buildings so I'll probably do a new one on Thursday.  Wish me luck!


  1. The tomatoes look awesome! I'm happy the beard-trimmer technique worked for you, too! You could use an old electric toothbrush or personal vibrational device if you wished, also. Anything that makes the air move around like a buzz-buzzing bee.

    The leaves on the tomatoes look a little limp, though, but I guess that could just be the space they have available, not true limpness. Either way--tomatoes!

    About the Brugmansia--don't worry too much? Gently separate them, but if some roots fall off, those suckers are tough, no biggy. I know they aren't Datura, but I'd wager they're similar enough that my experience taking a Datura cutting and sticking it directly into potting mix and having it root and flower on my windowsill will give you an idea of how easy-going these guys really are.

  2. Congrats on your pollinating technique working. Pretty cool. Good luck with the job!

  3. Good news with the tomatoes. I'd just ripe those Brug's apart :-) Good luck with the job interview too!

  4. I can't wait to see how the tomatoes turn out. It looks like they could use to extra space.

    Yes, good luck on the interview! A process I do not miss!

  5. Kenneth, the leaves are a bit limp. Yesterday I accidentally let them dry out. It's been really busy the last few days. I'm glad that the Brugmansia should be alright. I can't still can't believe a rooted Datura cutting flowered and produced seed indoors in a window sill. Crazy.

    Julie, thanks! You have to be careful not to accidentally cut the flowers off though!

    Dan, no interview yet. That's kinda my dream. I'm hoping they'll be fine with skype. It saves CO2 emissions!

    Thomas, I'm pumped for the tomatoes. I have no idea what to expect. They are a bit crowded. No interview yet, but hopefully!


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