Thursday, March 11, 2010

Around the Greenhouse

Here's a view of one of the upper greenhouses.  It looked really nice when I took the picture but seems to have lost something looking at it afterward.  In the picture you can see a Fuschia, Hibiscus, Abutilon, a dwarf rose, St. Augustine Grass, and more.

We have a sill with about 40 Hippeastrum.  They are all started to put out buds so in a few weeks, there will be a room full of flowers!  They're in all different colours so I'm really excited to see them in full bloom.  I actually collected some seeds from these last year which have been growing slowly but steadily.  Hopefully I'll get some great new hybrid.

When I was fertilizing on Tuesday I noticed a bunch of new Kalanchoe plants.  There are three varieties with yellow/orange, pink and red blooms.  All and all, they're actually quite nice plants.  I'm also still on the hunt for a job in Vancouver.  No luck yet...  If anyone happens know someone looking (or not looking) to hire an engineer-in-training (EIT) I would really appreciate it!  :)


  1. What Beautiful photos of lovely healthy plants!!
    The Rhipsalis cuttings I started a few weeks ago have all failed.. not sure what I did wrong..I am just glad I didn't butcher the whole parent plant. It is doing O.k. and has new growth, so I think I am going to wait a few more weeks and try a few again out side when the weather has warmed a bit more. Good luck on the job hunt I hope you find something soon. Blessings to ya ! Ma Fey

  2. That's too bad the cuttings failed. I wonder what went wrong. I'm glad you saved the parent plant. Hopefully you see a lot of new growth and it makes a full recovery!

  3. Looks fantastic. All my poor house plants look pathetic. Can't wait till the last frost is over so they can decorate my porches. My hibiscus (not a house plant by any means) is indoors for the winter and got repotted a couple of weeks ago. It didn't bloom all winter, of course, and the leaves are small and pale. I'll have to put them all under the shed for a couple of weeks out of direct sunlight to keep them from getting burned. Yeah! I love spring snd summer! Good luck on the job hunting!

  4. Thanks! Yeah I'm desperate for warm weather. The last few days and next weeks are way above seasonal average temperatures so I'm really excited.

  5. This seemed like something you might find interesting w/r/t Moringa: Talking Plants.

  6. Thanks for the link. This plant is just amazing to me. Most of my seedlings seemed to have died but the tubers seem to be alive. I'll try planting them outside when it warms up. Then maybe I can just dig them up and store the tubers during the winter.


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