Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Adansonia & Moringa Failure?

Now these are two plants that I will definitely be trying again.  I think the key to both is warm temperatures.  If anyone has tried growing either Baobab (Adansonia digitata) or Moringa (Moringa stenopetala and Moringa oleifera) and has some tips I would really appreciate it.

The Baobab germinated no problem and grew rapidly to the height they are now in about three weeks.  Then that was it.  They stopped growing and have been exactly the same since August.  They were hit with cold temperatures when the greenhouses froze and now they just look awful.  I think I should get rid of them and try again.  I know they have a dormant cycle but I think it only kicks in when water is withheld.  Any thoughts?

The Moringa grew well but slower than expected.  They continued to grow into the winter but after being hit with the freeze have done nothing.  I was actually sent some more Moringa stenopetala seeds and will start them in the spring.



  1. Hi Aerelonian!

    I have three baobab species, all are deciduous, as you know. In the winter, to simulate the dry season, i keep the baobabs indoors, without irrigation, only one or two per month.
    In spring, frost-free, I put the plants outside and all baobabs are covered of leaf again.

    Good luck

  2. That was my plan but I started them late in the summer. They seemed too young to survive dormancy as they had only grown for three weeks before they stopped. I was scared they would die so I kept them moist and they kept their leaves until they got frosted but didn't grow. Maybe I should just try again and start them in early spring.

    Maybe they'll just start coming back now that it's warming up and there's more sun in the greenhouses.


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