Sunday, March 28, 2010

Around the Basement

So it was rainy and really cold all day and I didn't leave the house.  I spent most of my day working on job applications and school assignments.  I did get a chance to transplant my Datura.  In the hopes of conserving room I put them in 4" pots in pairs.  I noticed the lower leaves were beginning to turn yellow.  I think this is because they were getting way too large for those little nine cell starters.  I'll also start fertilizing them.

 This week we're suppose to get temperatures up to 21C (70F)!!  I'm super excited.  I'll actually be able to leave some plants outside and not have to bring them in for the night.  I think I might start soaking some castor bean seeds tomorrow.  I gathered a bunch of from the municipal gardens last year before they cut down the stalks.

Warmer temperatures are a relief for the basement plants.  They've survived, but really don't look too happy.  Below you can see a few photos.  The window sill has some dwarf cavendish bananas and Yucca rostrata.

The little green frame thing below only cost $15!  It even has a clear plastic overcoat to keep things warm outside in the spring, but I've kept it off so the plants can get enough light.  The burnt looking plant is decorative ginger that I started from seed.  The grow lights were too bright so I've moved it here and it stopped growing.  The light is a bit low but I think it's mostly due to the cooler temperatures.

My Hippeastrum seedlings are also still holding on.  Growth has been very slow but I expect it to pick up when I start putting them outside.  I really hope I get some interesting flowers!


  1. Dude, love your reused cake tray! :D What's in there?

    The ginger rhizome I stuck in with the lavender is sending up a second shoot. I can't wait for it to be warm enough to stick that outside. Lavender--no problem. But I have other stuff in that pot that would want it a bit warmer.

  2. The cake tray has maple seeds! I use them for propagation cases. And cut off old water bottles/plastic for pots. I also use old plastic ice cream jugs instead of watering cans. You gotta use what you have! :)

    I love ginger. I discovered chocolate covered ginger at a bulk food store. It was surprisingly delicious.

  3. Everything looks green and happy! 21 C! That's so perfect when compared to hot, sticky Indian Weather...

  4. I can't see any pictures on your blog anymore... :S It is distressing me!

  5. Before Tues March 23rd the pics are visible... did you change something? Or am I having computer issues... I did kinda drop my lappy :(

  6. L.C. I think it's some google glitch. Everything shows now except my display pic but the background was down for a while. Soiree!!

    Chandramouli S, that's the joy of distant, slightly grainy, low light pictures. Every can look great! I'd like to go to India. There seem to be a ton of beautiful native plants. I don't mind heat, but I can see how the humidity can be an issue. Our warmest summer days make it up to about 35C and are often really humid...


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