Friday, February 26, 2010

Final Design Project

I spent 17 hours at school yesterday working on my civil engineering final design project and barely ate all day.  I ended up getting home at 2:30am after at run to McDonalds.  I was back at 8:30am.  Our projects are currently being reviewed and our presentation will be around 5:40 or so (there are 11 groups so the time is a little iffy).

Hopefully it goes well.  Groups can win up to $3600 so that would be pretty exciting.  I'll update later with how things went and maybe some drawings of the thing that has taking up nearly all of my free time over the last 6 months.  w00t.


  1. Good luck! There's no better motivation than cold hard cash! You'll have to tell us what your thingy does.

  2. Thanks! My group ended up winning part of the prize! I'll post some more details tomorrow because I just feel like vegging out for the rest of the day...

  3. How great that you won part of the prize!!! Yeah!!! Can't wait to hear what it was...the project.


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