Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Few More Blooms

I get to work on my final design project all day!

Hibiscus, Impatiens, Oncidium (Sharry Baby)


  1. I need to plant some impatients this year for some ground cover between my boxwoods or whatever they are. I have a hibiscus that my uncle's wife gave me when he passed away last May. Others were asking for it, but she said she wanted me to have it. I'm taking care of it, but it would die outside and I have bad light in the house. It's not blooming, but it's staying greenish and still putting out leaves. Poor thing.

  2. I really like hibiscus. I was offered some cuttings but I know I can't keep them happy right now. As long as it's putting out leaves you're good. Then just toss it outside in the summer.

  3. Beautiful, especially in Feb! I have that chocolate onicidium. It has not flowered in ages, I have really been making an effort to water and fertilize the orchids more the last few month. I am hope for some flowers for my work this spring.

  4. Hopefully it blooms for you! Orchids can be really frustrating at times. It seems like (for some of them at least) if any one thing is off they just sit there.


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