Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Update & Content Stealing

I dropped by the greenhouses for a few minutes today and most of the plants looked alright.  Almost all have bounced back and only a few were lost.  The Baobab haven't really grown at all.  The Golden Chain Trees have miraculously doubled in size, but I guess it has been around a month since my last visit.  The Moringa oleifera is alright but the Moringa stenopetala lost all of it's leaves.  It does have a few new buds though and I expect it to make a full recovery.

Now for the issue of content stealing.  I have been made aware that there is a site scraping my content.  I've heard of many other bloggers having this happen.  You can see an example of this here.  The same thing has happened at 'All Andrew's Plants'.  He has linked to a guide on how to prevent this from happening and I suggest you take a look.  Things are really busy right now and I won't be back in the greenhouses until next Friday.

I've already started looking for seeds for the spring.  There is an amazing plant called Beehive Ginger.  I'll eventually end up watching hundreds of seedpacks on ebay and then have to prune it to just five.  It's very difficult for me...


  1. Reducing to just 5, that would be dificult. I set a veggie seed budget of $30 this year, I think I will almost triple it... I'm an addict!

    I am trying to get some brug. sanguinea started right now for the third time. The first year they grew to be white, the second year only one sprouted and then damped off so this year I am hoping for success.

    I think I will change my feed. I have yet to have any problems that I know of but being ahead of them is always a good thing.

  2. Those Brugmansia are really beautiful. I would like to have a bunch of different varieties. I really need to move somewhere warmer so I can grow them outside! Have you had good experience growing them indoors?

  3. They are quite easy to over winter, I have grown the yellow, white & peach one before. Currently I have the peach one that I have had for 3 years or so. I just dig it up and put it in a pot. I then put it in the basement, it drops all its leaves and goes dormant. It usually starts growing again late march/early april so I put it in good light and then back outdoors in the spring.

  4. Now that is my favourite type of plant! I'm looking for seeds right now.

  5. They shouldn't be too hard to find! But... How can you choose just 5? Maybe 5 per company you order from, but only 5 seed packets total???

  6. 5 seed packets? Why such a severe limit??? Just curious!

  7. It's a combination of funds and not having enough room. I'm thinking five slightly more expensive varieties as opposed more inexpensive ones. This will probably change though... I also buy a lot of vegetable seedlings as opposed to seeds. It's probably going to be more than five...


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