Saturday, January 16, 2010

Euphorbia obesum

I love this plant!  I've been looking for seeds for the spring and Julie from A Succulent Life suggested Euphorbia.  These really are amazing plants!  The variety of the various species is astounding.  Some look like cycads, others like stones or balls of bark and some are covered with leaves.  I find the Euphorbia obesum at this link to be spectacular and thought I would share it.

I also find caudiciforms to be particularly interesting.  Here's a link with hundreds of them.  It's currently not working but hopefully it will be up again in a few hours.  I like to research things.  A lot of hours go into each plant choice (usually)!  I'm up to 25 varieties on ebay.  I have some list pruning to do...


  1. WOW...those Euphorbia Obesa are incredible!!! Stunning specimens! I'm glad you like the Euphorbia idea! I wish I could collect them all. If I didn't have a dog and small children around, I definately would. Thanks for the mention!
    Going over now to check out your caudiciform site!!! Did you get to check out the Pachypodiums??? They are just so cool...they just appeal to my eye, I suppose!!!

  2. Never mind...I see all the Pachypodiums are listed inside the caudiciform site!!! That is an amazing site too!!! WOW!

  3. You is possible that we could go crazy looking at all these caudiciforms!!!!! LOLOL...don't you just love the Baobab Tree as well??? I think we can grow small specimens of this a pot.

  4. I I absolutely love them. I'm trying to avoid Euphorbia with spines because I will end up skewered every time I walk within 10m of them.

    I actually have some Baobab digitata started. They're in the greenhouse but haven't grown all winter. The tallest is only about 20cm (8").

    I've saved hundreds of pictures of the plant I like most (with their names of course). So that I can build up a repository of the best for when I can afford and have space for more.

  5. Those are very cool looking succulents.


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