Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Amazing Succulent & Cacti Photos

I just spent over an hour going through this link.  It has hundreds of photos of succulents and cacti - many of which are in bloom.  I've never really appreciated their amazing flowers until now.  The colours really are stunning. I thought I would share it for anyone else that is interested in these types of plants or just wants to see some nice flowers.  There are also some interested pictures of minerals towards the end.  Hope you enjoy!  I should be back in the greenhouses this Friday with some more pictures.  I'll also have some seeds arriving over the next few weeks!


  1. Thanks for the link. Very inspiring. Motivates me to get to work on some of my plants that need potting up etc

  2. They really are nice in bloom. You very rarely see them like this for sale, so I think a lot of people just dismiss them.

  3. I've been meaning to ask you about the greenhouses at UWO, do you have dry arid houses for cactus and succulents? How are the different house set up? Tropical, sub-tropical?

  4. The set ups really aren't that different between greenhouses. Although each room has temperature controls, all are kept relatively consistent (especially in the winter) at maybe around 25C.

    The humidity differs but this seems mainly due to watering. The cacti/succulents are actually kept in the same room as herbs. There are several others kept in dryer locations as well (full sun hallways).

    In the summer the succulent room is quite humid. It's so hot though that there are no problems with rotting.

    The largest room is sub-tropical. The lower greenhouses are kept a bit cooler and mostly contain lab plants (veggies, coleus) The tobacco room however is usually one of the warmest. There is also a room with some Oaks and rare sedges that can drop to around 5C.

    There are about 14 separate rooms in total.

  5. Thanks for that. Is it open to the public?

  6. Yep, I believe any time 9-4 on weekdays.


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