Saturday, December 19, 2009

Last Exam!

Today at 2:00 is my final exam for this semester.  Then I get about a week off to work on my final design project (an underground drinking water reservoir)/have holidays.  w00t.  It will all be done in May though so I just have to keep chugging along until then.

I won't be back in the greenhouses until next year so I'll post about some of my home plants and pictures of outside.  We still have very little snow accumulation.  Some of the firebushes even still have their uppermost leaves.  Anyways, I have hours of studying ahead of me so wish me luck!


  1. Your final design project sounds interesting!!! Good luck with it!!! I know you are glad exams are over. My son and daughter have both finished their exams just having a fun, relaxing few weeks off!!! YEAH! Have loads of fun! Looking forward to seeing your plants around your home too!!!

  2. Thanks! My other exams definitely went better. I think I got a bit burnt out but now I'm done!

  3. It's crazy sometimes how much such a short distance like London to Toronto can have such an effect on snowfall. We've really only had that one storm and even with rain the same day we still have a good couple of inches around.

  4. It really is. I hate winter but I've been wondering when we'll get our first good snow.


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