Saturday, November 7, 2009

Billbergia nutans (Bromeliad)

A lot of plants have started flowering in the greenhouses.  I'm assuming it's due to decrease in day length because interior temperatures are controlled.  I'm not sure what the name of this bromeliad is and would really appreciate it if someone could help me out.


  1. My first thought was Billbergia nutans: the coloration is right so far (I think the true flowers are supposed to be blue? It looks like maybe there's a bluish tip on the buds already.), and the downward-hanging flowers are something of a distinguishing feature. I'm only about 60% confident of this ID. 85% if the true flowers wind up being blue.

    If it is in fact Billbergia, I'm jealous: they used to be common, apparently, and are in all the plant books, and people say they're easy to grow, but I've never seen one for sale.

    As if I wasn't already jealous over the Hibiscus flower from a couple posts ago.

  2. I know that Hibiscus is unbelievable!!! I'll let you know if the true flowers are blue. We have a lot of older plants so it really wouldn't surprise me if your ID is correct. You could always print out the picture and put it next to your other plants...

  3. After Googling Billbergia nutans, I'm more certain that's what you have. True flowers are chartreuse with dark blue edges; stamens and asstd. plant junk are chartreuse, pollen is bright yellow. Picture here.

  4. I'm really hoping the true flowers will be open by Tuesday because I checked that link and I really want to get a picture of them. Then I can update the post title too...

  5. You're ID is definitely correct. The flowers weren't completely open though so I'll take a picture on Friday. Thanks and I'll change the post title now.


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