Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Schlumbergera Blooms

The last few years my Schlumbergera has really disappointed me.  Last year all of the flowers just fell off when they were still tiny buds.  I think it was a combination of not enough water and rotating the plant.  This year I've done neither and have been rewarded with many blooms.

My only complaint is that the flowers are only one one side.  This isn't even the side facing entirely towards the window.  Instead it's one of the sides facing towards the window frame.  I'm pretty sure I didn't move it but I don't know how else to explain it.  Jame has dubbed it 'Doctor Jekyll and Mister Hyde' because it's so clearly two faced.

I made sure to turn it before I took pictures so only the good side was visible.  The other side has literally no flowers.  Not so much as a tiny bud.

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  1. The one sided flowering is probably due to light: Schlumbergera are triggered to bloom by the short days of fall and winter, and sometimes a lamp or street lights can trick them into thinking that the days are longer, so they won't flower. Is the side that didn't bloom nearer a lamp in your house, or a street light out the window?


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