Thursday, November 26, 2009

Burrowing Toads

There are several toad throughout the greenhouses.  They seem to ignore absolutely every that goes on.  Water can be dripping on them and they'll just sit there like nothing is happening.  One time I accidentally sprayed one and it just sat there and didn't even blink.

These toads are also interesting in that they really like to burrow.  The floor of the greenhouses is not really toad friendly.  It's primarily gravel with a little bit soil holding it all together.  They seem to love it though!  Sometimes they're completely buried.  Other times they are just sitting in little pits.

 I'm scared that I'm going to end up stepping on one because they're so oblivious.  I noticed the one in the first picture when my foot was almost right next to it.  I'll just have to keep on the look out and hopefully they'll be alright.

UPDATE:  The toad below was still there today but just a little more buried.

In the picture below you can just see the back of the toad.  It still seems to have a bit of a tail which means it's at least a few months younger than the other one.

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