Saturday, November 28, 2009

Paphiopedilum (Orchid)

I really like this orchid.  It has yet to flower but is getting really close.  Even just the foliage and buds look great!  I'll update as soon as it blooms.


  1. Did you orchid bloom? I have several paphiopedilums and all but one of them refuse to bloom. The foliage does great, but they are happy just like that. I have another called "Pinocchio" that has not been out of bloom since I bought it over a year I guess I am doing something right.

  2. That one in the picture and the rest did end up blooming. I'm not sure but I think the reduced day length and temperatures may have something to do with the blooming. They have very unique flowers! Congratulations on the Pinocchio plant. I've never had luck the any orchids in my home. I'll have to try again some time.


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