Saturday, November 28, 2009

Croton & Jade Plant Flowers

It seems everything is blooming in the greenhouses this time of year.  This includes a lot of the foliage plants that rarely bloom otherwise.  It's interesting to see the unique and often small flowers that these plants have.

Crotons have little white puffy flowers on long flimsy stems.  They don't seem to last very long, especially in the humidity of the greenhouse.  The flowers eventually produce seeds pods that look a little like daylily pods.

Crassula portulacea (Jade Plant) produces little flower heads with star shaped flowers.  They last several days and are simple but interesting nonetheless.


  1. I had a Croton bloom when we used to live in a condo. It had a west facing box bay window that plants seemed to love. This house not so much, to many trees around blocking all the nice light.

  2. I've never seen one bloom before. A dracaena has also put out a flower stalk. They haven't opened yet though and I'm hoping I don't miss them.


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