Sunday, November 8, 2009

Adenium arabicum Update II (86 Days)

Apparently I'm going a little post crazy today because this is my third (and last?).  I've been a terrible person and have just been hoping that the problem with my Adenium arabicum seedlings would go away.  I'm not sure why because these are my favourite out of all the plants I currently own.  After I transplanted them they completely stopped growing.  It's been about two months and they've done absolutely nothing. Some of their leaves slowly began falling off and the ones that are remaining show damage.

I think the transplant shocked them to the point that mites decided to move in.  For some reason I was in denial.  I have yet to actually see any mites (yes... I 'was' in denial) which is odd but the damage definitely seems to be their handiwork.  If anyone has any recommendations or suggestions for dealing with them (and avoiding them in the future) I would really appreciate it.  I think I've entered the acceptance stage so hopefully I'll listen!

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