Sunday, October 4, 2009

Kalanchoe beharensis (Elephant Ear) Plantlets

Prior to my working in the greenhouses I had no idea that Kalanchoe beharensis (Elephant Ear) existed. I have grown to love the plants and have been looking for an opportunity to get some of my own. A few days ago I noticed that one of the less than stellar specimens had finished flower and was covered with little plantlets.

They fell off very easily when touched so I grabbed several dozen and tossed them in a bag in my back pack. When I got home I left them in the bag for about two days (busy week). I then added water and let them sit for another three days (very busy week). They managed to suck up all of the initial water and I had to add more.

They had little roots when I picked them and they have grown substantially. The plantlets now look stretched with with large leaves on the bottom (which would be on the soil surface) then a thin about 1cm in length stem with two small leaves at the top.

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